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Prosero Security AB
Ostmästargränd 5
120 40 ÅRSTA

Postal address:
Prosero Security Group
Box 90104
120 21 Stockholm
Tel: +46 8 13 29 00

About the company

Prosero Security Group is a Nordic leader in security technology. The company is rapidly expanding and currently maintains more than 80 locations throughout the Nordic region. Prosero’s fundamental principle is to combine the fast, personal service offered by smaller local businesses with the expertise, security, and development potential of a larger group.

As a member of Prosero, each local firm can maintain close business relationships with customers while enjoying the support and competitive advantage of the network.

Prosero’s decentralized model enables faster growth, greater responsibility, and close cooperation with each customer. Local operations retain a high degree of responsibility and control for their activities and results.

Prosero Security Group also manages Prosero Enterprise and Digital Locksmith (Digital Låssmed®).

Through Prosero Enterprise, we connect our offices and create a strong offering for customers with stringent and unique requirements on security; we serve customers with multiple locations in various geographical areas, customers requiring integrated deliveries and reporting, and customers with large facilities or overall, parent security systems.

Companies in the Prosero network also receive continuous training in the Digital Locksmith (Digital Låssmed®) concept, through which they act as locally established security experts and specialists in digital solutions, with smart access control and key management services for multi-family housing.

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Video Surveillance
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Prosero appoints new CFO

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