Prosero company wins contract for Avinor airports in Norway

Stockholm, Sweden

The Prosero company, Lockit AS, has been commissioned to deliver locks and fittings to all Avinor's airports in Norway.

With support from other Prosero companies in Norway, Lockit will deliver services related to locks and fittings. The agreement will go into effect in September and runs for two years with the possibility of renewal for up to eight years.

Raymond Dirk Hansen, CEO of the Prosero company Lockit, has led the procurement process. “Lockit has previously provided security solutions for some of Avinor's airports. When Avinor chose to enter into a joint procurement for all its airports, with our experience combined with the strength of Prosero's extensive network we were able to offer them the best solution. Now a great responsibility rests on our shoulders, and we look forward to taking on this task," says Raymond.

“We are immensely proud that Avinor has chosen Lockit as partner," says Andreas Setting, Country Manager for Prosero Norway. “We are particularly proud that Avinor highlighted quality as a decisive factor in its choice. Avinor is a very important client for all of Prosero's companies. At Prosero we have built up a unique network of security experts, and together we can take care of customers with the most complex and demanding security needs. This new agreement shows that we are on the right track.”


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