Prosero appoints new purchasing director

Stockholm, Sweden

Prosero has selected Richard Hedlundh as its new purchasing director.

With a decentralised business model that combines local management supported by central incentives, the Prosero group has created an expanding network of security companies to offer customers a wide range of services and unparalleled expertise. As part of its commitment to provide additional support to its companies, Prosero has selected Richard Hedlundh as its new purchasing director.

Richard comes to Prosero from Evidensia Djursjukvård Veterinary Care, a company that has taken a similar approach to business growth through an organisational model of decentralised management.

Richard’s experience from an organisation with a similar philosophy to Prosero gives him a good understanding of the opportunities and challenges that are unique to decentralised management. In addition to his competence in purchasing, Richard has also worked with quality assurance in a technical industry. Richard will focus on the group’s supplier collaborations and provide support to the local companies in matters of delivery disruptions, quality issues, and other purchasing-related aspects.

“With Richard in our team, we can strengthen our focus on purchasing issues, and this will generate significant advantages for all the companies in the group,” says Fredrik Gren, CEO of Prosero Security Group. “We’ll also enhance our cooperation with strategically and operatively important suppliers to determine how we can work together to promote sales and technical development. We’re an increasingly important customer for all suppliers in our industry. There’s enormous potential and plenty of exciting opportunities for our selected partners. With Richard to lead the way, our goal is to build even more support to drive Prosero’s development,” Fredrik adds. “His strong analytical and structural skills and range of experience in purchasing will be essential in securing the group’s continued growth.”

“Prosero is a very interesting company that’s showing consistent technical growth in an expanding market,” notes Richard Hedlundh. “The business model of decentralization feels very modern. Local expertise, flexibility, and close customer relations are combined with support from central functions, blending the benefits of local companies with the potential of the group’s size. It’s the best of both worlds. I’m looking forward to joining Prosero’s strong team.”


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