Prosero launches Digital Locksmith concept in Norway

Stockhkolm, Sweden

Digital Låssmed (Digital Locksmith) started in Stockholm in 2014 and was launched throughout the rest of Sweden in 2020, driven by the need that the company had identified for quality assurance of project planning and management, delivery and, above all  management of digital lock systems. Now, Prosero has launched the Digital Låssmed concept in Norway as well.

Digital lock technology offers a host of advantages. It greatly simplifies the daily work of property owners and maintenance/management providers in a variety of ways. It saves time, increases security, and allows more control over lock systems. It’s also more environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

However, creating these benefits requires suppliers to achieve a specific type of competence. This is the origin of Digital Låssmed, where suppliers work according to quality-assured methods based on tried and tested experience from leading Nordic security companies. The goal is to provide the best possible service and management of digital lock technology, so customers have full confidence in the solution and suppliers.

The advent of Digital Låssmed in Norway offers many advantages. Firstly, the system ensures that processes for digital lock technology are quality-assured – from project planning to on-site administration. This simplifies daily life for both tenants and property owners and staff. For example, tenants can buy a key themselves without having to obtain a requisition and go to a locksmith. Everything is handled online in the company's Lock Portal. The digital Lock Portal also gives property owners full control and monitoring of the lock system environment. In the Lock Portal, all property documents are stored; personnel can view work-order history and key receipts, and can plan new keys and complete property work orders. The lock portal is also available as a progressive app, so that all jobs can be handled directly in a mobile phone.

In connection with the launch of Digital Låssmed in Norway, both the web and app versions of the Lock Portal and the Digital Låssmed website were recently released in a Norwegian version.

Andreas Setting, Country Manager for Norway, Prosero Security Group, says: “We’re happy that our first Norwegian company is now certified as a digital locksmith and can help customers on their journey towards implementing digital lock technology. Our customers think the Lock Portal is smart and simple to use. They feel like they’re well taken care of through the Digital Låssmed concept.”

The four Norwegian companies in the group have already received training and certification as digital locksmith. Truls Palm Iversen, CEO of Hemer Lås & Dørtelefon AS, says: “We’re very happy to be certified as a Digital Låssmed provider. Now we can offer our customers easier, digital operations for key management.”

Arne Jakob Sinnerud, CEO of Romerike Låsservice AS, adds: “It is with great pleasure that we can present Romerike Låsservice as certified with the Digital Låssmed seal of quality. We’re looking forward to presenting our new lock portal and taking our customer service to a new level.”


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