New acquisition increases Prosero coverage in Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden

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Öbacka Tele & Larm AB has acquired EL & Larm Anläggningar i Norr AB, a security company based in Sundsvall, Sweden, with a view to increasing focus on this northern region of the country. The acquisition is also part of Prosero’s strategy to enhance its position in northern Sweden.

EL & Larm Anläggningar i Norr AB was founded in 2005 by Micael Pääjärvi. The firm offers services in access control as well as fire and intrusion alarms. 

For many years, EL & Larm Anläggningar i Norr AB has worked together with Prosero companies; according to Prosero, the firm has demonstrated strong financial development and an ideal mix of project-based business and service assignments.

The company has four full-time employees. In 2023, reported turnover was SEK 6.6 million. EL & Larm Anläggningar i Norr AB has its office in Sundsvall and will be integrated into Öbacka Tele & Larm AB, which has offices in Sundsvall, Kiruna, and Ljusdal, and has been a part of Prosero since 2020.

Anthony Fagerberg is COO of Öbacka Tele & Larm says. “We’ve worked in the same geographical area for a long time, but with different types of customers. As EL & Larm Anläggningar integrates into Öbacka Tele & Larm, we’ll increase our total staff and broaden both our customer base and our service offering. The addition of EL & Larm Anläggningar’s great reputation and technical expertise, along with its strategic customer relationships, will be very valuable and will strengthen Öbacka’s position in the region.”

Micael Pääjärvi will continue to work with EL & Larm Anläggningar’s customers but will now do so under the Öbacka Tele & Larm brand.

“Joining forces allows us to take a big step forward. Now, as part of a larger group, we’ll have the opportunity to focus even more on our customers’ needs. We’ll benefit from the strengths of both organisations, and can be more efficient in resource allocation. That means we can improve our offer and increase our competitive edge. A smaller company is always subject to the challenges of administration, for example, and the costs of investing in modern and efficient business systems are significant. Together, we’re better equipped to take on the future,” he said.


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