New Genetec Saas supported by Axis, Bosch, Hanwha and I-Pro

Montreal, Canada

Genetec Cloudlink devices Image courtesy of Genetec

Genetec is creating and expanding technology partnerships with Axis, Bosch, Hanwha Vision and I-Pro to extend the scope, capacity and versatility of its newly launched Security Center SaaS platform.

Based on an open platform architecture, Security Center SaaS enables organisations to connect direct-to-cloud with the latest Axis, Bosch, Hanwha, and I-Pro cameras. Security Center SaaS also brings organisations’ existing access control and camera hardware to the cloud through the new range of Genetec Cloudlink appliances – maximizing existing infrastructure investment.

Support for Axis, Bosch, Hanwha and I-Pro devices

In addition to an open portfolio of cameras by a range of manufacturers, Security Center SaaS takes full advantage of the newly announced Axis Cloud Connect solution, and the existing Axis Powered by Genetec network door controller. Security Center SaaS enables customers to securely connect, enroll, and manage Axis devices in a diversity of deployment options, including direct device-to-cloud streaming of video, metadata, and access control data.

The latest Bosch cameras also offer to seamlessly integrate with Genetec Security Center SaaS. With firmware version 9.21 releasing later this year, according to Genetec, Bosch will provide camera configuration capabilities and video viewing in the Security Center SaaS platform through direct-to-cloud connections.

In a further partnership, Hanwha Vision's Q series are also planned to be fully compatible with Security Center SaaS. Over time, Hanwha Vision will continue to add support for Security Center SaaS across its entire product line to enhance its integrated systems.

I-Pro will make as many existing camera models as possible compatible with the new Genetec solution through an app-based approach. Users of AI-enabled I-Pro cameras will be able to simply install an application on the camera to give direct access to Genetec Security Center SaaS.


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