Adam Stroud, CEO Paxton Access, Ian Lowe, Director of Product Marketing, HID Global, and HC Kim, Director of Global Sales, Suprema, give their opinions about where the industry is heading.

Ian Lowe says: “It is becoming a lot more integrated, so you are seeing the different systems whether it is an access control system, the actual physical devices becoming more connected. And that is allowing buildings to become smarter and much more connected.”

HC Kim, Suprema, says that customers are becoming more aware of the danger with old card solutions that can easily be duplicated. Instead, he stresses the demand for smart cards with algorithms and biometrics. He says: “I think we will see more demand for biometrics, and especially for fingerprint and facial recognition.”

Paxton Access CEO Adam Stroud believes security systems will be consolidated into a single platform. He says: ”I think we will see building automation coming under the umbrella of the main building system, which will be a merge of the building automation market and the security market. And in the same way as we have seen home automation starting to gain traction, I think that level of automation and that level of convenience and efficiency will be in great demand in office premises and other work places.”