Kettil Stenberg, CEO for Stanley Security in the Nordics, believes that the market for perimeter security has changed a great deal in recent years.

“We have moved more and more towards high technology solutions, radar has developed a lot as well as video surveillance”, he says.

Many technologies

Erik Nord, Sales Engineer at Genetec, stresses that a couple of years ago, there was just a fence alarm or just a camera with video analytics, but today it is a combination of technologies.

Jimmy Ek, Nordic Sales Manager at Axis Communications, stresses there is no single solution or product that can solve all of the end customer needs for perimeter security.

He says: “We see the most growth in the expansive area inside the outer perimeter. You might want thermal cameras to monitor the outer perimeter and inside you may want radar. And you want these different technologies to work together.”

Engineered and designed

Nicolas Jdanoff, Business Development Manager for Europe and Northern Africa at Cias, agrees and stresses that perimeter solutions must be engineered and designed. Mark Cosgrave, Division Manager for Western Europa at Optex, says that customers demand reliability. “Early warning is the other thing as well. It is desirable to detect somebody when they are on the outside, of course, that is what people really want”, he adds.

Video is key to verification

Johan Elliott, Business Development Manager at Bosch Building Technologies has a strong belief that video surveillance and video analytics will take over the market.

“There will always be special customers with certain environments, but you always need to be able to verify what kind of intrusion is happening. So, yes, I think cameras will take over”, he says.