According to the organiser, some 75,000 people visited the show during only the first day and there were some 1,100 exhibitors from 53 countries. Michael Yang stresses that CPSE has gradually become an industry forecast for the whole security world, especially when it comes to artificial intelligence, deep learning and big data technologies. He says the Chinese physical security market has been growing by at least 20 per cent every year during the last ten years and in the next five to ten years, he expects 10-15 per cent growth.

Lennart Alexandrie, publisher of Detektor and CEO of AR Media International, claims that the security industry is very dependent on China and that there are a number of companies that are growing and becoming players on the global market.

Detektor TV met up with many of the leading companies in the physical security industry at CPSE and they gave their views on the current market trends. Almost all of them stressed that deep learning was the biggest technological trend at the show.

"Deep learning is the biggest trend and this year is the beginning of the era. It will take another one or two years until it is used in wider applications", says Niko Xie, Sales Director for Tiandy.