Servaas Kamerling, Product Director EMEA, UTC, says there is definitely a move towards the IP world in the access control market: “Things like computing”, ”infrastructure as a service”, ”platform as a service”, ”software as a service” – these are a number of things that are becoming more prominent in the industry.”

Jaroslav Barton, Director of Product Marketing, PACS, HID, stresses that one of the main trends is moving away from the RFID cards into smart phones, while Gary Harmer, Sales Director for Hikvision in the UK, says many end users want to integrate access control into a video solution.

Face recognition is quick 
Baudouin Genouville, Suprema’s Business Development Director for EMEA, says there are more and more companies using biometrics as a main user for identification and opening doors. And when it comes to biometrics, Vanderbilt President David Sullivan believes face recognition has a bigger potential than fingerprint because of the speed. He says: ”There is no physical action, you literally can walk towards it, it sees you, it unlocks. If it does not recognise you it does not.

Servaas Kamerling believes there will be a mix of the two: “Because at the end of the day it always depends on the convenience in the application you are trying to achieve”, he says.

ID – the new firewall 
Identity is another matter discussed in the video clip. Genetec founder and CEO Pierre Racz says securing the ID is very important and he quotes the Microsoft head of security: “Identity management is the new perimeter, it is the new firewall.”

Freddie Parrman, CEO, Seriline and Antoine Larrera de Morel, Sales Director at Stid Group, are also being interviewed in this Detektor TV video clip.