Martin Gren believes cyber security will continue to be the most important and most debated issue in the physical security industry throughout 2018. He also states that OEM will come to an end because of cyber security issues.

"If you are a big integrator and you OEM a camera and put your name on it, then you probably have put some extensive work on skinning, to make sure the camera appears to be yours, and then when there is a cyber security upgrade, you need to renegotiate with the original manufacturer and have it to do the skinning once you have discovered a bug", he says.

Because of operational issues, Martin Gren believes that process – from becoming aware of a cyber bug until you can actually roll it out – can take three months, which is too long.

Martin Gren also addresses how Axis can handle the competition from the big Chinese video surveillance manufacturers and he believes Axis' biggest challenge is to keep growing.

"The way we are addressing that is to become more service oriented", he says.