AI has been the hottest concept at security shows for a while now. Harry Hu, Managing Director, Vivotek, says: “Maybe AI is just a hot topic, but AI for security really reduces a lot of labour, and saves a lot of money for the customers, so I believe there is a significant benefit for the end user.”

Hartmut Sprave, CTO, Mobotix, argues there is a clear end customer demand for AI solutions.

“Definitely. They want more and more intelligence in the cameras. The possibilities we have in the future are tremendous”, he says.

Malou Mousten Dyhr Toft, Vice President for EMEA, Milestone Systems, says: “We see video very much as an enabler of AI to speed things up, and to also create a bridge between human beings and the robotics and all of the AI that we can see becoming more mature, and being introduced in many of the companies and the areas where we are working.”

Genetec founder and CEO Pierre Racz has a somewhat different, and much more sceptical approach to AI compared to the other industry professionals that Detektor TV Magazine has talked to.

“Everyone thinks it is magic, but certainly what we have is an increasing performance in self-learning systems and self- trained classifiers, however, we are starting to see the limits of this technology”, he says and points out self-driving car crashes where the computer logs have shown how confused the AI system has been as an example.

Willem Ryan, Avigilon Vice President, Global Marketing and Communications, Aaron Chau, Marketing Director, Uniview and Gary Harmer, Sales Director, Hikvision UK are also interviewed in this video.