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MOBOTIX have been developing and producing intelligent IP video systems known for their high level of security, uncompromising reliability and premium “made in Germany” quality since 2000. We have set standards with developments such as the first hemispheric IP video camera and the first IP video Door Station. One of our innovations, though, is particularly crucial in our increasingly networked world: the decentralized intelligence in our camera system.

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The i25’s extremely compact dimensions – with a width of only approx. 14 cm – make this new camera the smallest and lightest MOBOTIX video complete system ever. The PoE-powered camera is quickly installed via an in-wall socket using just two screws. Standard features include a light-sensitive 5-MP day or night sensor, SD memory card, microphone and the latest camera software including MxActivitySensor. Optional functions such as a speaker, radar sensor, IO and MxBus connections as well as a vandalism-proof protective housing can be retrofitted.
The M15 is the weatherproof, robust successor to MOBOTIX’ successful dual camera, which features interchangeable sensor modules as well as the latest MOBOTIX system technology. As a result, it remains totally unique in terms of performance, functionality and design. The M15 Core module comes with VarioFlex mount, connection cables for sensor modules and network, and the front element. The sensor modules, which need to be ordered separately, are pre-focused at the factory and can be supplied in any desired combination of day or night sensors with lens choices from telephoto to wide angle.
S15 Thermal

The flexible video cabling, weatherproof design and tiny footprint allows the two S15D thermal sensor modules to be installed into any location up to two meters away from a single S15D core unit. The advantage of using thermal sensor modules is that they can visualize heat radiating from vehicles and persons, for the purpose of accurate movement detection up to 400 meters away from the camera, even under the most challenging lighting and environmental conditions.

MxActivitySensor is a completely new Camera-Integrated Motion Analysis technology. It only records video or triggers an alarm if an important event actually occurs. Interference caused, for instance, by trees moving in the wind, shadows, passing clouds or snowfall is consistently ignored. This means that the numbers of false alarms, which are the biggest problem with motion detection softwares today, are reduced with over 90 %
T25M is a camera module for the MOBOTIX T25 IP Video Door Station. Capturing a super-wide 180° field of view, the T25M camera module captures everything wall-to-wall for secure viewing and recording. The Hemispheric image correction is handled by the camera, no external PC required. The in-camera image correction saves bandwidth by up to 70%.


Mobotix releases all-round view vandal multi-sensor solution

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New cooperation brings two experts together in the health industry

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Christian Cabirol takes on the CTO reins at Mobotix

I-Pro, Mobotix & Konica Minolta strengthen strategic partnership

Mobotix homes in on growth of e-mobility market

Mobotix strengthens sustainability strategy

Christian Cabirol succeeds Hartmut Sprave as Mobotix CTO

Konica Minolta expands global video solutions with Mobotix

Thermal detection helps make dangerous temperatures visible

Cyber attacks on video surveillance on the increase

Mobotix wins silver award for fire protection

Mobotix 7 series completed with three new models

Effective video solutions for waste management industry

Spanish government approves Vaxtor acquisition by Mobotix

Konical Minolta and Mobotix extend strategic partnership in the US

Mobotix thermal imaging system gains Vds approval

Mobotix partners with Irisity on advanced analytics

Mobotix gains recognition for cargo security standards

Mobotix new strategy hints at further M&A activiity

Mobotix acquires AI specialist Vaxtor

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Mobotix and Konica Minolta join forces in Italy

Mobotix strengthens partnership with Konica Minolta

Mobotix platform certified SySS cyber secure

Mobotix Hub tackles almost any application

Mobotix - Milestone collaboration offers new opportunities

Mobotix thermal solution complies with US FDA specifications

Future-proof technology swiftly adapts to new circumstances

New thermal cameras measure body temperature

Effective Covid-led video systems offer other benefits for the future

Mobotix announces 100% NDAA compliancy

Innovative technology & integration geared up for campus security

Italian cargo firm upgrades access to meet new safety standards

Mobotix gains cyber security approval across entire range

Mobotix offering helps businesses return to work

Mobotix donates urgently needed IR camera to blood bank

New Mobotix intelligent tool speeds up planning

New cyber secure cloud video management system

Industry optimised surveillance from Mobotix 7

Schneider group secures with Mobotix technology

Mobotix 7 Platform makes its debut in New York

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Mobotix IoT cameras integrate with Stratocast

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Changes at the top at Mobotix

Mobotix & Konica Minolta extend technical innovation partnership

All Mobotix cameras supported by Milestone upgrade

Latest Milestone release supports Mobotix Move

Collaboration is the way forward for effective cyber security

Mobotix starts new financial year with product launch

Mobotix highlights the importance of cyber security

Mobotix partners in joint retail solution

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Mobotix focuses on open technology

Mobotix expands management team

New line of Mx6 cameras from Mobotix

Valencia becomes first location for Mobotix Summit

New board appointments at Mobotix

Konica Minolta commits to spend 3 million Euros with Mobotix

Konica Minolta funds Mobotix technology development with 1.5 M Euros

Mobotix raises focus on cyber security

Mobotix releases Mxbell app

Mobotix new camera wins gold award

Mx6 camera line enhanced with greater performance

Luxury hotel chain provides security with discretion

Mobotix shows innovative application interfaces at ISC

Flexible Mx6 series opens up new opportunities

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Mobotix kicks off 2017 with intelligent 3D detection

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Genetec & Mobotix enter new technology partnership

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Mobotix secures World Heritage Unesco site

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New supervisory board member at Mobotix

Prestige hotel upgrades with advanced thermal imaging

Konica Minolta appoints director to Mobotix board

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Mobotix CEO steps down

Mobotix helps reduce theft at BMW dealerships

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London Underground secured with thermal imaging technology

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Iconic cycle brand gears up security

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