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Langmeil, Germany

Mobotix video technology is used in numerous clinics, retirement, and care facilities worldwide to ensure that patients, residents, and employees have a carefree stay and can work safely.  The Mobotix 7 Platform, with its intelligent and cyber-secure camera systems M73 and S74, was equipped and ready with the necessary video technology even before the pandemic to ensure comprehensive, digital support in healthcare clinics and the care of the elderly and disabled.

Since the beginning of the Corona pandemic, Mobotix thermal cameras have been increasingly used in the healthcare sector, as well as airports, train stations, public authorities, and companies, to detect temperature anomalies in people without contact and thus contain the spread of the virus.

Dangers and sources of risk are detected, and the intelligent systems warn, report, or directly initiate assistance and rescue measures. This allows staff to concentrate on their work, while hospital patients and nursing home residents can recover more quickly and get the rest they need.

Mobotix video technology is also used for early fire detection and access control, mainly to protect sensitive areas such as sterile rooms, operating theatres, or medication depots. Mobotix also offers the right solutions for intrusion and theft protection, securing outdoor spaces, or access monitoring and parking lot management.

With the Mobotix 7 platform and the versatile apps, Mobotix offers flexible application possibilities: Temperature-sensitive people are detected as soon as they enter the facility and can be immediately sent for further examination. Crowding is avoided, and social distancing can be supported. Mobotix video systems detect when no mask is being worn and trigger an alarm or an information announcement.

Cyber security and data protection

Particularly in the healthcare sector, cyber security and data protection must be given the highest priority. After all, it is a matter of protecting lives. But it is also about sensitive, personal data that must not fall into the wrong hands under any circumstances. Mobotix video systems consist of high-quality components and the company creates products that are one hundred percent DSGV-compliant, the decentralised Mobotix systems are made for the highest possible cyber security and comprehensive data protection. Unauthorised persons cannot read the stored data.

The platform offers relief on the workload of hospital and nursing staff with "digital care.” Hospital and nursing staff often work at the breaking point and Mobotix intelligent video technology is able to significantly reduce the hospital and nursing staff's workload. For example, adequate video support can be used to carry out control rounds digitally.

Mobotix helps provides discreet video support for round-the-clock security without anyone feeling they are being watched. The video surveillance systems in healthcare facilities can be discreetly installed and they can also detect and alert only when defined events occur to keep recordings to a minimum. At night, helpless individuals are detected immediately, ensuring their safety and preserving their independence.

Smooth organisation of important routines helps hospitals and care facilities be efficient and profitable. Numerous processes can be automated and optimised with Mobotix video technology, from the facility's journey to check-out.

Customers can also develop further apps that enable completely individual solutions themselves or have them created by Mobotix and its technology partners and certified concerning cyber security.

Solutions with return on investment

Mobotix puts great importance on the healthcare market. The high level of solution expertise digitises processes and work steps in everyday hospital and home life, using intelligent and future-proof video technology. Thus simplifying work and making it safer also relieves the healthcare budgets' pressure and increases profitability (ROI).


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