Mobotix launches Sync data management software

Langmeil, Germany

Mobotix presents the new Sync data management software Image courtesy of Mobotix

The new Mobotix Sync data management software collects and structures data from intelligent apps installed on Mobotix 7 cameras and the Mobotix Move ALPR camera. The resulting analyses and results help make companies and organisations safer and protect people, facilities, and equipment. They also automate and improve processes, resulting in higher revenues.

"Traditional video surveillance is primarily used to protect against damage and theft, unauthorised access, or undesirable behaviour. In the area of data management, on the other hand, we collect and synchronise information for targeted analysis and use. This can be used, for example, to control and monitor systems, ensure the quality of processes and gain new insights. For this purpose, Mobotix Sync uses data from the AI-supported OCR apps (optical character recognition) of our subsidiary Vaxtor. This can be data such as time, location of the camera, type plate code, license plate number, vehicle type, vehicle make, colour, and much more. In this way, we make workflows, structures, and processes tangible beyond human vision and can generate valuable optimisation potential for our customers," explains Mobotix CTO Christian Cabirol.

Making information usable for many industries

According to the company Mobotix Sync can be used profitably in many areas, including industry, production and logistics, traffic monitoring, hotels, and parking lot management. The software synchronises the data even in a network of several hundred cameras across many locations. This provides the user with information that could not previously be generated in this way.

The data can be visualised in various forms. The descriptive graphs, dashboards, and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are immediately visible, trends can be identified, and the information can be interpreted in real time. The data also trigger events and alarms that can be output via various interfaces (e.g., Rest API).

Link, streamline, and automate workflows

The benefits are many and concrete. For example, in industry, machine-reading the nameplate of components for different tranches can be used to determine throughput times in production and thus optimise processes. This increases profits. When booking a hotel room online, automatic access to the parking garage can be set up for the duration of the guest's stay by entering the license plate number. In logistics, the link between the container code, truck license plate number, and vehicle image ensures comprehensive documentation. This saves time, simplifies follow-up inquiries, and increases effectiveness.

"With Mobotix Sync, we convert data we collect via our high-end cameras and integrated apps into essential information for our customers. This helps reduce our customers' costs and opens up new revenue opportunities. As part of business intelligence solutions, we are creating tangible added value for our customers," emphasises Mobotix CSMO Phil Antoniou.


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