Mobotix introduces new camera platform for high end applications

Langmeil, Germany

The new Mobotix One camera platform has launched, combining security and robustness with intelligence and system openness. This creates a future-oriented camera platform that offers highly demanding markets, critical and sensitive infrastructures and verticals a tailor-made and cyber secure solution for video security.

Mobotix One has been engineered as an extremely robust and maintenance-free video system with an application-oriented design and high-quality components. The fibreglass-reinforced, saltwater-resistant housing allows use in the harshest environments, strong processors and image sensors ensure excellent image quality. In addition, cyber-secure firmware developed by Mobotix with integrated AI video analysis tools for intelligent, video-based perimeter protection and object detection at the highest level. In addition to its unique design, the camera series also impresses with its enormous performance and connectivity. AI- and deep learning-based apps open up process-optimized workflows in industry or production, but also in the care sector or the transport sector, for example.

Thanks to its high-resolution image sensor and application-optimised Mobotix Image Engine, the Mobotix One offers sharp and clear image quality around the clock, indoors or outdoors. Intelligent continuous recording switches to maximum resolution and frame rate on an event-driven basis, and the cameras feature a powerful 120 dB Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) and improved low-light performance with outstanding image quality even in very poorly lit environments.

"With the secure and robust, yet intelligent and flexible Mobotix Onr camera platform, we have created a stable basis that can be expanded with the already installed Mobotix Activitysensor ONE app, but also with other AI-based video analysis apps that are already in development, to create an unsurpassed security and process optimisation system for defined solutions," explains Mobotix CTO Christian Cabirol. Mobotix is focusing on selective, sensitive and critical infrastructures and verticals, as these niche markets offer significant market potential. Focus industries include healthcare, industry/utilities, the public sector and transportation. "Customers in these sectors are already aware of the dangers that digital industrial espionage or hybrid attacks can cause and are willing to invest in reliable and trustworthy systems to ensure the greatest possible security and optimization of processes and workflows," emphasises Thomas Lausten, CEO of Mobotix AG.

The new Mobotix Activitysensor

The new Mobotix Activitysensor One, available with the Mobotix One camera, offers features for security and surveillance. Using AI-based object detection, the sensor can reliably identify and track the movement of people and vehicles, including cars, trucks, buses, motorbikes, and bicycles. But stationary objects are also detected.

The Mobotix Activitysensor One is especially suited for perimeter protection and intrusion detection, overcoming the limitations of traditional video motion-based image analysis tools. This significantly reduces false alarms and increases detection accuracy of relevant objects and movements strongly. The sensor can be activated in specific areas within the camera's view and works both indoors and outdoors, day and night. According to the company, it is very easy to use, making it a dependable and user-friendly solution for various security needs as well as for workflow and process optimisation in the industrial, production, healthcare and logistics sectors. With the wholly-owned Mobotix subsidiary Vaxtor, the company also has market-leading app development expertise that can develop solutions for a wide range of future challenges.

One camera, two options

The Mobotix One M1A-S camera model marks the launch of the new platform. One model is equipped with fixed focal length lenses, the second variant with motorised varifocal lenses. With the varifocal lens, the user can easily adjust the optimum image angle for their security camera remotely via the camera software, depending on the planned installation position.

The integrated on-board analytics with the Mobotix Activitysensor One, which is based on deep learning, ensures reliable detection of relevant objects and movements.

Both variations have an internal DVR that supports up to 1 Tb of storage, eliminating the need for extra recording software or NVRs. Both variations also will mount on existing M16/M26 brackets, allowing for a more cost-effective upgrade from Mx6. Mobotix One variations also have high-quality audio capabilities with integrated bidirectional and lip-synchronized audio that requires no additional accessories.

Mobotix One carries a 5-year warranty and a high MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure) value of over 10 years. The cameras also have free lifetime software updates and use the MOBOTIX Management Center, which is free of charge. These features are presented to ensure the camera will be useful and sustainable for a long time.


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