Konica Minolta expands global video solutions with Mobotix

Langmeil, Germany and Tokyo, Japan

Thomas Lausten, CEO, Mobotix

AI-assisted, real-time, on-site detection and assessment using Konica Minolta's FORXAI IoT imaging platform can offer effective solutions, and to achieve this Konica Minolta relies on robust, high-performance, decentralised video technology and the highly cyber security-oriented Mobotix video technology.

For many international companies, including Konica Minolta, the global market for video surveillance solutions is attractive. While, according to the company, the worldwide market volume in 2021 was still around 44 billion US dollars, the various market research institutes forecast a volume of 70 - 90 billion US dollars for 2026, with a compound annual growth rate (GAGR) of 8 - over 13%.

Expanding the service system for video solutions

Konica Minolta's global sales companies provide video solution services based on Mobotix products and services to digitise customers' workflows. During the Corona pandemic in the first half of fiscal 2022, Konica Minolta increased its video technology sales by 50% with a body-surface temperature-screening solution. As a result, the company began integrating product sales with those of Mobotix in North America in April 2022. In Europe, Konica Minolta opened a showroom in Prague in June 2022 and introduced new services related to the FORXAI video analytic solution and FORXAI visual quality inspection. In addition, Konica Minolta began building a service unit for video solutions in October 2022. The company also intends to hire additional sales engineers who can develop suitable solutions for customers. Toshiya Eguchi,

Konica Minolta's Executive Vice President and Executive Officer in charge of Technologies and Imaging-IoT Solution Business, commented: "Mobotix products and services have been instrumental in enhancing security for our customers - and that is our goal."

New business area combining Mobotix and Vaxtor

Vaxtor Ltd, which Mobotix acquired in May 2022, offers solutions for automated license plate recognition (ALPR) and optical character recognition (OCR). Vaxtor OCR technology can be used, for example, to manage, monitor, and control trucks and containers at ports. It scans and recognises license plates from more than 150 countries and can guide drivers on-site and check access authorisations. In addition, by collaborating with Mobotix, Konica Minolta aims to expand into new business areas by providing "more excellent value to its transportation and logistics infrastructure customers" using AI technology to scan license plates and containers.

Mobotix CEO Thomas Lausten is proud of the increased Konica Minolta investment, "We are confident that our products and solution services can solve many more social challenges. Konica Minolta's global sales network and support service system will allow us to leverage this potential even more. I expect we will work with Konica Minolta to develop new video solution services."


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