Cyber attacks on video surveillance on the increase

Langmeil, Germany

According to Mobotix, cyber attacks against video surveillance technology as a vital part of site security have become more frequent in the past years with many not being reported or detected. In a concerted effort to counter this trend, Mobotix has developed a multi-layered approach that aims to guarantee maximum cyber protection.

Based on an innovative decentralised technlogy concept, Mobotix cameras already feature many efficient protective measures against hacker attacks as standard, and help to make Mobotix video systems among some of the most secure on the market.

The unique cactus concept ensures the reliable and complete protection of end-to-end video systems against hacker attacks 24/7 and at no additional cost. 

Unfortunately, we live in a world where people who are seeking the right video solution, underestimate the importance of the reliability of the system. And they end up paying for it. This is because these days, nothing is reliable anymore without the right end-to-end protection concept to defend against the increasing rate of cyber attacks by international hackers.

Cactus concept

The Mobotix cactus concept helps protect users from future attacks whenever anyone tries to turn a robust IT landscape into an IT wasteland. The technology is able to arm the user against a serious attack – with an intelligent video system that is ready to go, but can also stand up to the ever-evolving challenges of our world.

The objective of the cactus concept is to implement a multimedia cyber security campaign in order to raise awareness among potential and existing Mobotix customers of the extremely important issue of data security in network-based video security systems, inform them about the growing risks and show them how they can protect themselves. Efficient, cost-efficient, and intelligent.

Hacker attack attempts usually cannot be prevented in IP networks, which is why IP video systems have also become a tempting target for unwanted intruders. This is why you should protect yourself as much as possible from unauthorised access in the first place. Like a cactus.

NDAA compliance

Importantly, all Mobotix products and systems comply with the requirements of the United States National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and are 100% NDAA-compliant. For clarification purposes, Mobotix does not use any SoC (System on Chip) or any other components that are capable of processing software from Chinese companies. Furthermore, Mobotix products that are sourced from our OEM partners (Original Equipment Manufacturers) are also 100% NDAA compliant.

Additional certification

The IT security of Mobitix7 and Mx6 series was successfully tested by SySS GmBh, the market leader for penetration tests in Germany. In addition to this, Mobotix has been awarded the "Secure by Default" certification in the UK, and importantly Mobotix takes the claim as the first manufacturer in Europe to gain the CNPP cerificate, product certification for its video surveillance cameras, offering a commitment to resist IT and electronic cyber attacks.

"This recognition is proof of quality, peformance, and also the trust of our customers at a time when digital security is becoming a key issue for all stakeholders," says Patrice Ferrant, Regional Sales Manager, Mobotix.

End to end security

When hackers attack a network in order to access a live image and/or stored images and videos in a camera, the camera is not always the only target of the attack. What happens when they try to pull data from the storage medium of the dismounted camera? Or from the stolen or hacked NAS? And just how safe are the individual interconnections from spying or manipulation?

End-to-end encryption with no blind spots is required, from the image source via the data cables and the data storage through to the video management system on the user’s computer. Like a cactus, whose every limb is covered in thorns, all of the modules (camera, storage, cables, VMS) in the Mobotix system have digital thorns that protect them from unauthorised access.


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