Mobotix provides discreet and covert surveillance in Singapore

Langmeil, Germany and Singapore

Image courtesy of Mobotix

At the Pan Pacific Orchard in Singapore, the focus is uncompromisingly on the well-being and relaxation of the guests. The corresponding surveillance technology therefore had to blend unobtrusively into the overall picture and also be durable, robust and cyber-secure. The hotel selected Mobotix cameras for the protection and security of its staff and the hotel complex. 

The humid, tropical and maritime climate in Singapore poses an additional challenge for the outdoor cameras. Spiraltech Pte Ltd from Singapore, the company commissioned to plan and implement the video security system, decided that the Mobotix solution was the techololgy best suited to the high demands of the Pan Pacific Hotels Group. Founded in 2001, the company specialises in end-to-end IP video solutions that include facial recognition, video analytics and artificial intelligence.

Working discreetly and covertly

A total of 305 Mobotix IoT and Move cameras were used in the hotel complex. The hemispheric Q26 and c26 cameras provide a discreet 360° panoramic view and can cover an entire room as a single camera. The concealed S26 is ideal for mounting behind a wall so that only the small sensor module is visible. Where the video technology is visible, cameras and brackets have been painted in the colour of the surroundings to match the architect's architectural design by Mobotix partner Sprialtech. The customised solutions blend seamlessly and unobtrusively into the ambience of the hotel. The challenging project required two years of planning, from the first electronic drawing to the measurement and installation of the high-end cameras.

High individuality for high demands

The luxury hotel benefited from the Mobotix solution from a single source. From planning, video technology and storage through to the VMS Mxmanagementcenter, Spiraltech proved to be a reliable partner that implemented a tailor-made Mobotix solution. Even extensive adjustments, such as the colour matching of the cameras, were implemented smoothly and to the complete satisfaction of the customer. The use of Mobotix technology in other hotels in the group is already being planned.


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