Etherwan EX78162 with higher performance and half the size

Taipei, Taiwan

Etherwan Systems has launched its new industrial PoE Ethernet switch, the EX78162.  With a sleek new design and 16 PoE (Power over Ethernet) ports, the hardened-grade EX78162 gives system integrators and end-users new options for small spaces.

Etherwan has a history of providing cutting-edge PoE solutions and the company now offers a DIN rail product that has one of the highest PoE port densities to meet the growing demands of PoE remote devices. The EX78162 provides new ways to organise your network hardware and PoE devices in a cost-effective manner.

The EX78162 is a layer 2 PoE switch features small form factor (170mm width) that is equipped with a 16-port 10/100Base-TX with 30 Watt PoE per port. It is fully IEEE802.3at compliant enabling it to work with the latest PoE powered devices.  The hardened managed PoE Ethernet switch supports DDM (Digital Diagnostics Monitoring) and SFP interfaces for greater versatility. For applications such as LED lighting, the EX78162's 30 Watts of power per port can eliminate electrical wiring costs for up to 16 non-PoE fixtures.

The hardened-grade specification of the EX78162 offers stable long-term switch performance—even in the harshest and most demanding climates. From monitoring petroleum sites through PoE powered IP cameras, sensors, and alarms, to enhancing transit systems, the new EX78162 gives the flexibility needed for the ever-growing types of PoE devices.


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