Håkan Johansson, Sales Director for Northern Europe at Axis Communications, says even though the industry has been working with network products and IoT for a long time, cyber security issues have caught the industry by surprise. However, he believes products are safer today compared to a couple of years ago. He says: “But at the same time, the threats are evolving all the time, you really need to keep up the good work at all times”.

Has spread to new markets
Mobotix CEO Thomas Lausten argues cyber security is a trend that has started in some markets but has now moved into other areas. He says: “And therefore we believe we will see a much stronger trend towards cyber security in an everyday business aspect. It will be as important as it is today to have a high-resolution camera.”

Access control as well
Pierre-Antoine Larrera de Morel, Sales Director at Stid Group, stresses that cyber security awareness has increased a lot and not only for video surveillance but also for access control. He says: “Finally, people have realised that cards that we use are like a key and there is communication involved at the various stages of the process and all the stages of the process have to be secured.”

Many companies
The following industry experts are also being interviewed in this Detektor TV video clip:

Shengfu, Director of Marketing and Product planning at Vivotek, Steve Salisbury, Pre-Sales Manager for Dahua in the UK, Genetec founder and CEO Pierre Racz and Vanderbilt President David Sullivan.