Vivotek steps up to the mark for challenging cannabis facility

Taipei, Taiwan, and North Michigan, USA

In the fast-growing legalised cannabis industry, extensive security measures are a necessity. Vivotek has collaborated with Existo, a collective of cannabis industry professionals, to establish an IP surveillance solution for a cannabis cultivation facility in Northern Michigan, USA. The results not only exceeded the state of Michigan’s expectations to allow for licensing at the state level but are also user friendly and add a level of comfort concerning building security to the owners.

The state of Michigan has placed stringent demands on camera coverage and recording quality for this industry, so a camera system is essential for the licensing of this business. Challenges in the project were related to distances within the building, coverage in unique spaces and varying climates and light exposure within indoor growing rooms. Existo chose Vivotek and a total of 70 of its indoor and outdoor security solutions, network video recorders (NVR) and video management software (VMS) to monitor the cannabis cultivation facility.

In the growing room, which includes a long hallway with tight spaces and climate concerns, 7 Vivotek 180-degree panoramic network cameras, CC9381-HV, were installed to combat high contrast lighting environments and armed with WDR Pro function to ensure 24/7 surveillance coverage. For exterior corners, 4 Vivotek SD9364-EHL speed dome cameras were utilised. This camera is equipped with Vivotek's Smart IR II technology which is specifically designed to provide a superb low light image in the most challenging situations.

Due to high-quality imagery at a cost-effective level, 14 FE9181-H fisheye cameras and 40 FD9380-H cameras were installed throughout the rest of the indoor and outdoor facility. The facility is also utilising Vivotek’s 16-CH ND9541 Linux-based embedded standalone NVR to set up and manage advanced IP surveillance systems with ease. It also supports remote and mobile access, via Vivocloud and the Iviewer app, for both IOS and Android handheld devices, providing users with an open, flexible and intelligent NVR for seamless use in small to medium-sized video surveillance applications.

In the end, the outcome more than met expectations and goals. According to Vivotek, the system received compliments on its high quality in terms of coverage and camera quality, from the Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) enforcement agent during the state licensing walkthrough. The owners are now able to rest assured that their business is safe and secure.

“The flexibility we gain from the quality and variety that Vivotek offers pays off tenfold in our business because there is no standard building design for cannabis businesses,” said Chris Hernandez, Existo director of operations. “Unique buildings with unique layouts but with highly standardised expectations put forward by state licensing expectations can be a stumbling block for many cannabis businesses. Our ability to utilise Vivotek’s solutions allows us to create systems that exceed state expectations while still being used to achieve safety goals set internally by our customers.”


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