High speed camera market becomes a sector to watch

Northbrook, Il (USA)

A new report on the high-speed camera market with Covid-19 impact analysis from Marketsandmarkets including a global forecast to 2025, shows that this sector is expected to grow from USD 429 million in 2020 to USD 723 million by 2025 at a CAGR of 11.0% during the forecast period.

The researchers suggest that the increasing applications of high-speed infrared cameras, especially for high-speed scanning of people to detect Covid-19, and the growing use of high-speed cameras in entertainment & media, and sports industries are the key factors driving the growth of the high-speed camera market. The high adoption of high-speed infrared cameras and the rising need to assess the health of people and also assessing tests done in ballistics and explosives are factors propelling the growth of the high-speed camera market.

According to the report, cameras with >2,000–5,000 MPPS throughput held the largest share of the high-speed camera market in 2019. Cameras with >2,000–5,000 MPPS throughput satisfy most of the high-speed imaging requirements at convenient costs; such high-speed cameras are used for a variety of applications such as automotive safety testing, fluid dynamics, materials research, microscopy, detonics, and combustion imaging.

The research, design, and testing laboratories segment is estimated to account for the largest size of the high-speed camera market from 2020 to 2025. The growth of this segment can be attributed to rise in the use of high-speed cameras for product and material testing, combustion testing, flow visualisation, biomechanics, vibration monitoring, crack propagation, fluid dynamics, and spray analysis. End users of high-speed cameras, deployed in research, design, and testing laboratories, vary from research and development institutions and universities to different industrial organisations.

The North American region had the largest market size in 2020 North America and is expected to continue this trend over the forecast period, as it is a technologically developed region that hosts several established companies and research facilities, such as Airbus in the aerospace industry and Nestle in the food & beverages industry, which collectively drive large-scale high-speed camera implementations for improving process efficiency and conforming to increasing compliances.

Photron, Nac Image Technology, Vision Research, PCO AG, Mikrotron, Optronis, Integrated Design Tools, Monitoring Technology, AOS Technologies, and Fastec Imaging are the key players named by the analysts as being active in the market.


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