Lenels2 and Invixium agree global distribution partnership

Pittsford, NY (USA)

Lenels2 has entered into a global distribution agreement to resell Invixium's contactless biometric solutions through the Lenels2 Onguard and Netbox value-added reseller (VAR) channels.

The agreement also includes a new interface with the Onguard and Netbox systems to enhance access control and proactive screening to help protect people and optimise building health and efficiency. The solutions are offered as part of Carrier's Healthy Buildings Program, an expanded suite of advanced solutions to help deliver healthier, safer, more efficient and productive indoor environments. 

LenelS2 will now offer the IXM Titan solution with enhancement kit.  An intelligent dual-camera biometric solution that performs contactless facial recognition authentication - no mask removal required, mask detection and elevated body temperature detection measured at the tear duct. The Invixium Titan solution offers an API interface with the Netbox access control system and an interface with the Onguard security management system through a certification in the Lenels2 Openaccess Alliance Program (OAAP). The interface enables flexible configuration of workflows utilising any permutation combination of card, biometric fingerprint, facial recognition, temperature and mask detection access parameters.

"The collaboration with Invixium provides our users with a versatile access control and proactive screening solution that can help them navigate today's complex safety and security requirements," said Jeff Stanek, President, Lenels2. "The advanced biometrics and built-in mask detection add new functionality to our Healthy Buildings portfolio."

"The powerful interface between the Titan solution and Lenels2 access control systems provides very relevant biometric solutions that meet the world's most pressing demands," said Shiraz Kapadia, CEO & President of Invixium. "Our health-focused portfolio combines temperature screening with mask detection for contactless access control and workforce management in one elegant device, allowing businesses in key industries to easily create healthy business environments."

The Titan solution delivers touchless biometric security through face recognition via a 21-megapixel camera; adding the enhancement kit transforms the Titan solution into a health kiosk capable of measuring temperature for biometric access control. Not only can the Titan solution authenticate 12 to 18 users' faces in one minute with high accuracy, but it can also screen each of those users' temperatures at the tear duct in the same amount of time. The Titan solution features an easy, one-piece installation and installs just like a traditional reader. In addition to its touchless access and proactive screening capabilities, the Titan solution can be easily used to bolster entrance controls.


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