Dahua full-colour AI solution brings colour to the night

Hangzhou, China

Full-colour camera VS IR camera

As AI technology is increasingly applied in the security industry, intelligent video analytics has become a sought-after surveillance feature for a variety of scenarios, especially outdoor scenes or environments with extreme low-light condition at night. To satisfy users’ intelligent analysis needs for different targets under low-light conditions, Dahua Technology is introducing its full colour AI Solution, that utilises its sophisticated AI algorithm advantages and combines its full-colour performance improvements with high-accuracy detection, target recognition and efficient AI search functionalities.

Although the industry has adopted infrared(IR)technology to provide high-quality images in dark environments, the black-and-white images captured by traditional IR cameras are not able to display detailed information of targets, such as clothes colour, vehicle attributes, etc., making it difficult to collect relevant visual evidence. Also, when integrated with AI, its limitations in colour extraction often lead to low detection accuracy. For instance, when a person in a black outfit hides behind a tree, an IR camera cannot effectively distinguish the monitored target from the background. In addition, according to Dahua, IR light can cause overexposure of targets, which can cause missing details for target recognition.

Technological advantages 

Making up for the insufficiency of general IR cameras, the Dahua full-colour AI Solution is equipped with different full-colour technologies to capture clear colour images even in low-light conditions. It offers vivid image effects similar to daytime in surveillance scenes under low illumination and total-darkness, significantly facilitating the camera's AI intelligent processing performance.

Compared to traditional IR night vision, Dahua full-colour AI Solution boasts more abundant spectral information collection capabilities, resulting in clearer, more vivid and more complete details of extracted features for comparison. For face recognition, comparing the colour images stored in the image library with the black-and-white image of the IR camera produces low matching accuracy. Nevertheless, when compared with the colour images captured by the Dahua full-colour cameras at night, it provides high algorithm compatibility and high matching accuracy. In addition, its large-aperture lens and high-sensitivity image sensor greatly improve its ability to sense visible light and detect distant targets in the environment. When there are only a few visible light sources such as street lights in the scene, the Dahua full-colour camera can still capture good quality images with its powerful low-light capability.

Accurate detection

Thanks to the rich spectral information collection capability of full-colour camera, in some scenarios, the target detection rate under full-colour mode is higher than those under IR mode, thereby providing early warning to prevent crimes from happening and allowing quick response in time with active deterrence.

Target recognition

Featuring effective imaging, the Dahua full-colour AI Solution can realise face recognition and license plate recognition even at night. In places prone to crimes and incidents such as parks or dark alleys, this solution can effectively extract colour characteristics as well as details of people and vehicles in the scene, achieving detection/recognition of targets.

Cost-effective AI search

The clear and detailed colour images collected by full-colour camera can significantly aid evidence collection and police enforcement. At the same time, it also enables AI search based on attributes of people/vehicles, greatly improving retrieval efficiency and substantially reducing labour costs for users.

Boasting obvious advantages of screen brightness, colour restoration and detail effects, the Dahua full-colour AI Solution provides users with 24/7 full-colour surveillance while fully utilising the AI functions of its smart cameras. It can be used in a wide range of low-light scenes such as car parks, villa, industrial area, park, and other outdoor scenarios at night, achieving almost the same target image effects during the day. It efficiently records evidence and offers convenience in terms of early-warning, deterrence during an event, and post-event management and control.


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