Optex releases new BX Shield

Maidenhead, Berkshire (UK)

The BXS series is a range of new curtain motion sensors from Optex

Optex has launched the new BX Shield (BXS) series sensor in the EMEA (Europe Middle East and Africa) region, a range of curtain motion sensors that are ideal for protecting windows and the immediate boundaries of a building or site.

Complementing the VX Shield series launched in the autumn, the new Shield concept combines great usability with versatile design. The BX Shield series includes four PIRs, two on each side, and the detection range and sensitivity can be adjusted independently for each side of the sensor; the detection area can be easily set up to 12m/40ft (24m/80ft in total).

With a sleek modern look, the BX Shield sensor comes in two standard colours: a black body and white front face plate, or white body and white face plate. Optional black and silver plates are also available.

The new BX Shield has four models: two standard, hardwired PIRs (BXS-ST) and two hardwired models with anti-masking (BXS-AM). There are also two battery-powered models, standard (BXS-R), and antimasking (BXS-RAM).

All are equipped with digitally-enhanced signal recognition logic known as Super Multidimensional Analysis (SMDA). By analysing detection patterns and environmental information, SMDA improves immunity against changes in temperature or moving trees and vegetation, and can distinguish between the cause of nuisance false alarms and genuine intrusions.

For environments where the temperature difference between the human body and the background is very small, the extreme high detection mode increases the PIR sensitivity to prevent any missed alarms.

The BX Shield includes a tamper output that is activated when the face cover or back box is removed. And for ease of installation, the BXS has a walk test mode to ensure the beam field is set up correctly; it indicates when someone walks through the beam and an alarm is activated. This mode returns to normal operation after three minutes.

Jacques Vaarre, Managing Director of Optex, EMEA Headquarters, says the BX Shield is an ideal choice for a variety of residential and light commercial sites: “The new BX Shield detectors are excellent multi-purpose sensors for an array of scenarios. We have designed the entire range to be easy to install with features such as a level indicator and colour-coded components. The BX Shield combines modern design with superior performance. It can be connected to an alarm panel or to a CCTV system, triggering the camera to provide visual verification when an intruder is detected.”


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