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OPTEX (EUROPE) Ltd - Dubai branch
4th Floor, C-D Wing
Dubai Silicon Oasis
PO Box 341041
United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971 (0)4 501 53 94

About the company

For over 40 years, OPTEX has been designing and manufacturing high-performance sensing devices with a mission to make people’s life and society more comfortable, safer and more secure. Founded in Japan, OPTEX is a global company with regional headquarters in Europe, Africa and Middle East (EMEA) in America (North and South) and Asia Pacific (APAC).

For security applications, OPTEX’s provides a wide range of intrusion detection sensors including passive infrared (PIRs), active beams, laser and fibre optics sensors that help any site from the perimeter and approach, to the roof and building. Unaffected by variable lighting and most weather conditions, OPTEX sensors provide extremely reliable detection, designed to integrate easily with any other security system, from alarm panels and DVRs to most Video Management Software and PSIM platforms and trigger an event when an intrusion or presence in the area of interest is detected.

For high security-controlled access areas, OPTEX provides tailgating detection and reverse detection sensors that adds a layer of security onto existing access control systems to detect and prevent authorised access. To improve operational and business efficiency, OPTEX offers a highly reliable real-time multidirectional people counter that provides office buildings, museums, retail stores and venues with footfall and occupancy level information.

Product Categories

Perimeter Protection
Perimeter Protection
Video surveillance
Intruder Alarms
Intruder Alarms


Optex reaches landmark 45 years

Optex set to present latest innovations in Birmingham

Optex helps support alarm engineer apprenticeship scheme

Optex opens new satellite office in Germany

Optex takes award winning Lidar technology to Sicur

Optex appoints new head of sales for UK & Ireland

Optex flies through GIT perimeter protection testing

Optex opens new training centre in Madrid

Optex unveils latest innovations in Milan

Helping to secure the recovery of the airline industry

Optex wins Detektor International Award for innovation

Optex releases Grade 2 Flip X professional indoor sensors

Optex nominated for 2023 Detektor International Award

Optex launches new Redscan Mini-Pro Lidar sensor

Optex launches next generation above ground vehicle detector

Optex debuts latest innovation in fibre optics in Denmark

A focus on building access control using Lidar technology

Prison security requires a multi-technology approach

Optex to debut Flip X in South Africa next month

Optex introduces new Echopoint distributed acoustic sensors

Sensing technologies brings intelligence to the security system

Optex wins innovation award in Dubai

Optex wins innovation award in Dubai

Optex launches horn outdoor speaker

Optex and Fibersensys open joint exhibit in Dubai

Optex Redscan Pro Series becomes Intersec Awards finalist

Critical infrastructure demands combined security technologies

Optex introduces Advanced series of Flip X sensors

Optex launches the Insight-Cube PIR camera

Lidar technology helps provide protection in narrow spaces

Optex launches new indoor Flip X detectors in EMEA

Optex to demonstrate integrated multi-layered security in Essen

Optex opens new mainland Europe HQ

A wide gamut of technologies from Optex at The Security Event

Optex set to present Redscan at Sectech

Optex adds enhancements with latest Redscan firmware upgrade

Optex to present award winning Lidar technology in Madrid

Optex focuses on perimeter innovations at Intersec

Optex wins Alarm & Detection category at Detektor International Awards

World's first super boutique hotel deploys Optex Redscan series

Optex Redscan Pro shortlisted for Detektor International Awards 2021

Optex Redscan integrates with Genetec platform

Optex technology integrates with Sentinel platform

Optex launches 12 channel Visual Verification Bridge

Lexus dealership solves challenges with Optex sensors

Optex unveils new Redscan Pro Lidar series

Optex enters partnership for Intelligent Visual Monitoring

Optex specified for specialist rural environments

Optex partners with CSL for "always on" connection

Optex partners with DS Security Group

Optex enters new partnership with DS security

Increased perimeter security for warehouses and distribution centres

Optex Akribos at the heart of three new solutions

Optex selected as awards finalist for Lidar project

Optex launches people counting feature to help with social distancing

Optex releases double-layered outdoor high-mount PIRs

Optex Lidar technology protects call centre

Optex Lidar technology helps protect Fortune 500 company

Access control keeps endangered elephants safe

Optex new detection solutions at ISC West

Intersec delivers opportunities for Optex

Optex to exhibit with ME partner in Dubai

Optex will launch a whole new sensor line at Sicurezza

Optex launches new WX sensor series

Optex adds App based video verification

Optex to focus on visual verification at Ifsec

Optex celebrates 40 years of innovation

Optex forms partnership with Chekt

Optex joins forces with Fiber Sensys in Middle East

Optex focuses on German market with new frequency regs

Optex WX Infinity line launched in EMEA & Americas

Optex introduces long range Lidar to ME markets

Optex partners on visual verification technology

Optex enhances long range Lidar

Optex EMEA team join local office staff at Essen

Optex BX Shield nominated for two 2018 awards

Optex launches new vehicle sensors in Amsterdam

EMEA launch of Optex vehicle sensors

Optex integrates with Genetec surveillance module

Optex to introduce new team in Madrid

Optex takes multi-layered approach to Intersec

Optex releases new BX Shield

Optex has much to show at Sicurezza

Optex enhances VXS sensor line

Optex expands geographical reach

Optex wins innovation award

Optex further expands active beam portfolio

Optex PIR stability changes expert opinion

Optex extends laser series and certification programme

Major car dealer group upgrades security with virtual wall

Optex to preview people counter analytics at Essen

DVS ensures perimeter security at new HQ

Optex shows 360 degree capability

Optex unveils compact indoor Redscan

Optex launches tailgating detection system

Optex helps prevent nuisance alarms with training service

Optex unveils wireless intercom system

Optex Accurance 3D piggybacking detection system

Optex provides nationwide rail protection

Optex industry specific solutions

Optex concentrates on smart technologies

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