Veterans launch new global facial recognition business

Paramus, NJ (USA) and Ra'anana, Israel

Corsight AI Inc., a new global operations business has just launched into the market to provide autonomous AI software solutions for professional security and business intelligence applications. At the helm of the new venture are industry veterans Gadi Piran, Mulli Diamant and Yoav Millet, founders and executive members formerly from VMS leader ONSS, previously acquired by Qognify.

Corsight offers advanced facial recognition solutions with autonomous AI technology built on neural network technology that emerged from research at the world renowned Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. Headquartered in the United States with an R&D Center in Israel, Corsight recently raised $5 million from Awz Ventures, a Canadian fund focused on intelligence and security technologies.

Unlike AI solutions based on deep learning, the autonomous AI employed by Corsight delivers a higher level of intelligence that mimics the way humans interpret sensory inputs to better anticipate and predict events and understand surroundings. This allows Corsight technology to recognise different faces even at extreme angles with outstanding speed and accuracy even when presented in different perspectives under diverse lighting and environmental conditions. Corsight solutions are built on a foundation of over 250 patents registered to date.

By leveraging the huge volume of data captured by today’s video surveillance cameras of all types, Corsight’s innovative autonomous AI facial recognition solution makes any video surveillance camera a portal for AI data analysis. Applications include real-time facial recognition analytics for identification and access control credentialing even when faces are concealed by face-masks, goggles or plastic shields, as well as people counting, anomaly detection and forensic analysis. With privacy as a primary charter, all Corsight autonomous AI solutions are developed with extensive provisions engineered to protect each individual’s privacy.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the immediate demand for innovative security technologies. Just a few months ago we all believed that the new autonomous AI facial recognition solution we were preparing to launch was far ahead of its time. As it turns out, it is just in time,” said Gadi Piran, CEO at Corsight. “Corsight facial recognition delivers the power to unlock the massive volumes of data captured by any video source, organise it into comprehensible intelligence, and deliver actionable insights while setting new standards in performance and personal privacy. After years of expectation, it was this new level of facial recognition technology that drew Mulli, Yoav and me back into the industry, and we are most excited to begin a new journey with Corsight.”


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