Unleashing the potential for biometrics in governments

Pfaffikon, Switzerland

The Government sector has been one of the earliest adopters of biometrics. In fact, the early history of biometrics is profoundly linked with government initiatives, specifically in civil and criminal applications when it was established that fingerprint was the most accurate way to identify suspects.

Nowadays, biometrics in government permeates more than just criminal applications. According to Touchless Biometric Systems AG of Switzerland, there are two main reasons for this.

Firstly, governments have plenty of sensitive areas and resources which need to be secure. Secondly, governments are the single biggest employer in any given nation. To understand this potential one needs to appreciate the different ways it can be applied. However biometric access control and attendance solutions need to address the needs of both this sector and its citizens. TBS explains how to be best prepared to meet the challenges of government biometric adoption.

Regardless of a government structure or strategy, there are some important common features which become important to realise for the application of biometric solutions. These include:

a) High number of varied employees.

b) Mobility of employees between buildings.

c) Different levels of accessibility and security to sites.

d) High level of interface with citizens.

The global biometrics market in the government sector is expected to grow by almost 12% every year until the middle of the next decade. Business Wire points out that “a noteworthy trend to watch for is the emergence of touchless sensing technology” to which TBS is undoubtedly best positioned. That includes not only typical access control and attendance system for government users and buildings but as well citizens, concerned with the rising numbers of identity theft.

Swiss Biometrics Manufacturer TBS has built a strong presence and reference base in the Government sector with installations in over 30 Government organisations.  The solidity of its devices has attracted the trust of system integrators such as Honeywell, Lenel, Allegion-Interflex.

The ingenious combination of advanced technology and a refined algorithm behind every TBS device has been proven over the years to enable them to treat each individual differently, even those who seem identical with the naked eye. Only recently the technology has been demonstrated via Swiss television that it can successfully differentiate between identical twins.


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