Trade organisation enhances membership ID authorisation

Stockholm, Sweden

BKR – or Byggkeramikrådet, a Swedish industry organisation in carpentry have selected a Nexus solution to ensure and show both the identity and the levels of authorisation of their members.

BKR have around 4000 member companies and they have developed industry rules regarding constructions in kitchens, bathroom, laundry rooms etc. These rules are regarded as guidelines for professionalism in the field. An important part of BKR´s operation is education and trainings for their members.

By combining a company card with a Mobile ID the user can easily ensure that they have the right education and the right certificates for a certain job. A member can choose, after approved training, to get the authorisation on both the ID06 card and the company card. The Mobile ID will display the same type of visual information, such as photo, name, company name and QR code for validation.

And if the user has forgotten the physical card, the mobile phone still might be available, and the working day can proceed without any interference or problem.

With the Nexus solution, everything can be gathered on one single card, mobile and physical.


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