TBS 2D Eye Thermal addresses new challenges

Pfaffikon, Switzerland

TBS 2D Eye Thermal - a converged solution for security and safety

For today’s challenging world, TBS introduces its latest innovative biometric product, the 2D Eye Thermal, a captivating device that offers a powerful security solution, a preemptive health measure mechanism, and a convenient answer to manage people movement.

Combining face detection, iris recognition, and a thermal camera, the TBS 2D Eye Thermal presents itself as a compelling solution to meet security demands in the current situations.

The iris is recognised as one of the strongest biometric markers there is and when combined with an intelligent sensor that auto-adjusts to a person’s height by detecting the person’s face, the results are speed, accuracy, and convenience.

The addition of a thermal camera means accurate temperature measurement, covering health and safety solutions.

Users in many industries will benefit from this all-encompassing device, not only in security but also in health and safety aspects. Examples to highlight are pharmaceuticals or labs where users wear gloves, masks, and other PPE and any contamination risk must be dealt with; logistics or parcel companies where the device could protect a high number of employees who are frequently in contact with customers or material; mines and energy sectors with a high number of employees working in close proximity and an inherent risk that a disease outbreak could disrupt operations; airlines and airports where it can identify and screen aircraft crews and other staff coming from different areas; and  food and catering where items are received, produced, and shipped with potential to have workers contaminated.


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