Tagmaster launches world's first intelligent bike detection system

Stockholm, Sweden

Tagmaster is launching a radar detector system for directional counting of bicycles and pedestrians in urban environment. The system is thought to be the first intelligent bicycle and pedestrian detector on the market.

The launch is another result of Tagmaster's investment in solutions for so-called Active Travel, which contributes to the necessary transition to a more sustainable transport system.

The new radar detector system is launched simultaneously in France and the UK and will help cities develop better solutions for bicycle traffic and pedestrians.

“We are seeing a strong development towards bicycle traffic and pedestrians, so-called Active Travel, starting to have the same status in traffic flows as motor driven vehicles. This development has intensified during the ongoing pandemic and major investments are being made in solutions for bicycle traffic and pedestrians in major cities in Europe", said Jonas Svensson, CEO, Tagmaster.

The system is easy to implement as the detectors are mounted to existing street furniture with no in-ground sensors required, and it scan be used for both temporary measurements and permanent for long-term measurements.

The system allows responsible traffic authority to measure both the direction and frequency of bicycle traffic and pedestrians. The Cityradar unit can be powered by mains, solar or battery supply. It is equipped with a 4G modem for remote data collection and Bluetooth for localised wireless configuration and data collection via an app.

“Active Travel is a market with strong growth and the launch is therefore strategic for us”, said Jonas Svensson, CEO, Tagmaster.


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