Tagmaster focuses on active travel & sustainability

Stockholm, Sweden

Tagmaster is launching a new product family focused on the active travel segment, ie cyclists and pedestrians. The launch is a result of the Tagmaster Group's increased investment in solutions that contribute to the necessary transition to a more sustainable transport system.

The new product family has been developed by Tagmaster UK as part of supporting the investments made in the UK to, among other things, facilitate and increase bicycle traffic to reduce congestion on buses and trains. The launch will initially take place in the UK and later during the current quarter also in France.

“Already before the pandemic, we saw a strong development towards bicycle traffic and pedestrians, so-called active travel, for climate reasons beginning to have the same status in traffic flows as motor driven vehicles. This development has been intensified and given further impetus by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic", said Jonas Svensson, CEO, Tagmaster.

UK government announced two weeks ago an increased 250 million GBP funding available to LA’s (local authorities) for the promotion of cycle and pedestrian activities. Moreover, there is increased publicity and emphasis placed on minimising the use of public transport unless absolutely necessary.

Several LA’s - Manchester, Birmingham, Leicester, Sheffield for example - have created temporary cycle expressways; and discussions are broadening to also implement similar contravention notices to offenders driving within dedicated cycle lanes.

“It is likely that this is a development that is not just temporary. It is obviously a market with strong growth and the launch is therefore strategic for us”, said Jonas Svensson, CEO, Tagmaster.


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