Nuuo VZIII analyses shoppers by gender

Taipei, Taiwan

Already applied as the solution at the store of a well-known Korean flagship food container brand, the Nuuo VZIII now brings the user a further boost in system performance with gender analysis on in-store shoppers.

The Nuuo VZIII solution with the visual analysis system, and in conjunction with their POS system, not only allows users to understand which products are most popular but also which gender shows most interest.  After the system was installed in July 2017, the demographics of the VZIII solution revealed that shop visitors were 50% female in July but dropped down to 39% in August.  The system reported that of all the female visitors only 40% of them used the checked out, but the ratio of turnover become much higher in August 2017.

In addition, from the POS, the VZIII analyses the numbers of visitors vs transactions. They noticed that there are 4 times more visitors at the weekend and holidays than there are during the week, although the managers found that the number of transactions had been almost the same at weekends as they were during week days. With the VZIII reports, managers also noticed that peak hours occur between 15:00 - 16:00 daily in store, but the average sales turnover (number of visitors vs number of transactions) at the peak hours is around 5% lower than during other opening hours.

The statistics offer the shop managers an opportunity to improve their store product deployment according to the female shoppers' preference and therefore to bring up average turnover rates.

The VZIII solution helps to gather and build a data base across multiple channels, weather factors, and gender of visitors to improve shop decoration and drive up traffic flow. Retailers through a series of improved activities will be able to benefit from running a better store-management strategy to achieve more sales and gain higher customer satisfaction.


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