Nedap integrates Sensit with Schweers

Groenlo, the Netherlands

Nedap integrates with Schweers for parking enforcement

Nedap, a leading specialist in vehicle detection and identification technology, and the German based group Schweers, an international provider of tools for professional law enforcement, have confirmed that Schweers has integrated Sensit wireless parking sensors to optimise the parking enforcement process.

Sensit, developed by Nedap, consists of wireless parking sensors which detect in real-time whether or not a single parking bay is occupied and how long it has been occupied. The integration with the Schweers Politess system is in line with Pay-by-Space system integrations where payment per space is compared with the actual parking duration per space.

The integration of Nedap and Schweers enables parking enforcement officers to move quickly from checking the status of a parking space to writing a ticket. When an enforcement officer is ready to enforce a zone, he or she uses the application provided by Schweers. The solution is based on a wireless handheld enforcement device, to query the database of parking meter transactions and the Nedap database of parking occupancy.

The information on the parking duration per space is compared with the actual payment per space. Any overstays are alerted to the enforcement officer. Enforcement officers can therefore estimate immediately which bays are overstaying and should be enforced. If the officer identifies that a vehicle is in violation, he can issue a ticket directly from the same application. There is no need to switch between multiple applications on the device.

The ground-sensor system is rounded up by Nedap’s new electronic parking license system allowing for full management and control of individual parking bays and their usage by authorised permit holders.

The integration provides a municipality with detailed information on parking utilisation figures and turnaround per space. These data are an important source for future mobility and parking policy planning. "This integration matches very well with the Schweers portfolio of parking management and enforcement solutions," states Michael Schweers, President and CEO of the Schweers Group. “The Nedap system has been thoroughly tested at Schweers headquarters in Meerbursch. Deployment, set-up and implementation were fast and efficient, which is beneficial for any on-street system. Data generated by the sensors are highly accurate and rapidly transmitted through the network. Accurate data is key when it is applied for an enforcement application,“ adds Stephan Meiser, project manager at Schweers International.

The integrated solution has been launched at Svepark in Sweden and Parkeervak in the Netherlands.


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