Mobotix releases Mxbell app

Langmeil, Germany

Mobotix has now released the app Mxbell, adding a mobile remote station for Mobotix IP Video Door Stations, in addition to the MxDisplay+.

The free downloadable app makes it possible to receive notifications when the doorbell rings and open the door from a mobile device, and even display a live view from the door camera.

The new app sends push notifications to a user’s smartphone or tablet when someone rings the doorbell. With Mxbell, users can communicate with a visitor standing at the door or even open the door remotely. Push notifications are messages that appear on a user’s display without having the specific app open, which is a great advantage. In addition, the app also provides support for live views from Mobotix IP cameras with gesture control, an automatic camera search, a live view, and camera connections via SSL, remote connections and mobile data. There are more convenient features in store for the Mxbell app in future updates.

It takes little time to configure the app because it is intuitive and user-friendly. Setup requires a working Internet connection. Users first need to configure their router for incoming data traffic and create a dynamic DNS account and enable port forwarding before it is possible to access Door Station and cameras using mobile data and other networks.

Mxbell is compatible with devices running IOS 8 or higher and Android 4.4 or higher and with Mobotix IP Video Door Stations (“T24/25”) with firmware or later (for push notifications), Mobotix IP cameras (“Mx5”) with firmware or later and Mobotix IP cameras (“Mx6”) with firmware 5.0.x.x or later.


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