Mobotix announces 100% NDAA compliancy

Langmeil, Germany

"Mobotix technology is not only a world leader from a quality perspective, but also from a data and cyber-security perspective, " says Hartmut Sprave, CTO, Mobotix.

Mobotix has announced that all its products and systems comply with the requirements of the United States National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and are 100% NDAA compliant.

The NDAA Section 889 contains a new set of guidelines that allow for increased protection against espionage and hacker attacks. In addition, there are named Chinese companies that produce components used for telecommunications purposes, (including security products) that will be no longer acceptable.

For clarification purposes, Mobotix has stated that it does not use any SoC (System on Chip) or any other components that are capable of processing software from Chinese companies.

Furthermore, the company says that Mobotix products that are sourced from the company's OEM partners (Original Equipment Manufacturers) are also 100% NDAA compliant.

The statement released by the company, goes further to say that Mobotix has clearly demonstrated a defined 3-step self-certification process that its products and systems do not contain Chinese components.

Mobitix has already communicated NDAA conformity letters to several US institutions as well as key integration partners who purchase and install Mobotix products.

"Mobotix technology is not only a world leader from a quality perspective, but also from a data and cyber-security perspective. It has always been extremely important for us not to use components from risky suppliers to protect the security of our customers and partners through our own design." explains Hartmut Sprave, CTO of Mobotix AG.

Even in times of globalisation, national security interests continue to dominate international trade policy. Individual countries and groups of countries control investments and establish rules for defence and security procurement. Compliance guidelines are designed to effectively identify and minimize risks along global supply chains. These guidelines reflect the real purpose and embedded integrity of the NDAA.


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