Mini HD IP dome with 10m IR

Taipei, Taiwan

Hiqview Corporation, a professional IP surveillance company, has launched a mini motorised pan/tilt IR-10M full HD dome IP camera.

The Hiqview HIQ-5382 is designed to be palm-sized with a pleasing aesthetic look and a clever design; it is possible to use just one finger to push open the cover of this new mini dome camera. 

The robust remote pan/tilt function of HIQ-5382 allows the user to point the camera toward the monitored area swiftly. Moreover, the HIQ-5382 supports unique features for auto tracking at moving objects.

With combined effective IR performance and IR cut filter mechanism, the HIQ-5382 can capture clear images under any lighting conditions, i.e., day or night time.

The HIQ-5382 is an IR IP camera and is equipped with 1/2.7” CMOS sensor component plus has all-IP architecture. The HIQ-5382 has been designed to provide high quality full HD 1920x1080@30fps real time images. The built-in open platform web server enables remote users to view real time video through Internet browser.

The images can be compressed into three formats: H.264 / MPEG-4 / MJPEG and multiple resolutions: Full HD/SXGA/WXGA /VGA/QVGA/QCIF. Users can choose the appropriate streaming format to meet different environmental concerns.

The network configuration of the HIQ-5382 is quick and simple. Hiqview provides the installation tool for the HIQ-5382, which automatically searches for IP cameras that are connected to the internet. The HIQ-5382 installation tool supports DDNS service, which will connect the camera to the internet through some simple settings. The built-in 802.3af PoE (Power over Ethernet) combines the functions of power line and network cable, and thus simplifies the deployment of the HIQ-5382 and reduces the total cost.

The HIQ-5382 provides advanced surveillance functions such as motion detection and local micro SD card storage. The free-bundled NVR software enables omni-bearing monitoring.

The combination of day and night dual use and high reliability of pan/tilt functions, the HIQ-5382 is suitable for monitoring ATMs, elevators, supermarkets and lobbies, etc.


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