Matica reveals game changing architecture at Trustech

Munich, Germany

Matica MDM Dual Feeder

At Trustech 2017 in Cannes next week, Matica will reveal pioneering new technology and product releases with a comprehensive portfolio of financial instant issuance and secure ID card issuance.

Matica’s range of financial card issuance products is enhanced by the demonstration of Matica’s Desktop Module (MDM) architecture, a conceptual infrastructure, which is said to bring unprecedented benefits of increased productivity and scalability and potential savings to users, system integrators and service bureaus. Alongside the MDM are three newly launched, ‘game-changing’ modules: Dual Feeder, Feeder Encoder Module (FEM) and a desktop embosser (EMB), described in more detail below.

Visitors to Trustech will also see Matica’s S3200HD DUO, the 600dpi financial printer that issues high quality credit and debit cards, which can be combined with the MDM’s Dual Feeder in order to issue two types of cards. The new generation desktop card printer for heavy-duty issuance, XID9300e, will be on view with 2 FEMs – and the company’s latest laser color personalization system, LCP8000 for government projects, will be available for special appointments.

But what is at the heart of this technology? For the first time, Matica will also present the Matica Desktop Suite (MDS) a new software platform, the engine of the MDM architecture allowing card job monitoring, proper job parallelisation and reducing integration efforts for system integrators and software editors.

MDS allows USB and TCP/IP (Ethernet) connections, supporting the new IPSC Smart Controller developed for those in need to operate their personalisation devices over LAN and WAN.

“This year, Matica Technologies was named a “game-changer” by a leading industry analyst and I believe our MDM architecture played an integral part in this. We are transforming the process of desktop card issuance to fundamentally improve the procedures – and the results – to support customers’ evolving needs,” said Sandro Camilleri, CEO, Matica Technologies Group.

“Providing full flexibility and scalability to users is increasingly critical and lies at the heart of our design and engineering,” continued Sandro. “We leverage our experience as a long established, successful technology company that grew from specializing in central issuance to create new products, which can respond to the world’s most demanding ambitions in the secure card industry.”

“We look forward to the 2017 Trustech show where we can showcase our evolving portfolio and meet old industry friends and create new ones. Aside from our technology, we have a superb reputation for customer service – the show is an excellent opportunity to experience that first-hand. I’m consistently proud of our international team and innovations and at a show like Trustech, it makes me proud to see it in full view.”


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