Massive global cargo enterprise upgrades surveillance

Colon, Panama

A combination of technologies from Milestone and Arecont Vision were selected for deployment recently, when Global Cargo Panama expressed a requirement to monitor a 20,000 square-metre area of their warehouse with a system that would also allow them to extend their portfolio of services.

Global Cargo Panama’s main objective was not just to protect itself from security threats – the goal was to find a tool to give their clients the peace of mind that their cargo was safe at all times.

AST Group strategically deployed Arecont Vision video cameras. Some were positioned in the entrance and three 180° Surroundvideo cameras went in the loading and unloading bays. Megaview 2MP and 360° Omni Surroundvideo multiview cameras were placed in central parts of the warehouse.

The different views delivered by these cameras are the “eyes of the project”. Their images are transferred to a Milestone Husky NVR pre-installed with Xprotect video management software (VMS), which stores them for their chosen time period of up to three months. The video is archived on the server, and Milestone Xprotect software also manages system users’ permissions to view specific areas.

“The software allows Global Cargo to send its customers a link with their respective username and password to verify their cargo. From a computer or mobile device, they can check the status of their goods and when it entered the warehouse, by which door, and if it has been moved, among other details,” explains Mr. Singer.

The Global Cargo staff also use this system to optimise logistics and security with motion status alerts that are delivered to their smartphones. And the personnel in charge of the system received extensive training.

With the new technology, Global Cargo Panama not just offers its clients real-time information on the status of their merchandise and its journey. They can also add services to the process chain in the same warehouse — for example, packaging, labeling, and clothing manufacturing.

AST Group made a license available for Milestone’s Mobile application, too. This can record video from a mobile device and send it directly to the Milestone Xprotect server, so that video is accessible to authorised users.

“Not everything can be seen with the cameras. For example, if an operator opens a container and observes that the goods are damaged or in poor condition, he can take a video of it with Milestone Mobile on his phone, which gives real-time proof of the merchandise status when it arrived at the warehouse,” Mr. Singer added.

Both Global Cargo and Mays Zona Libre have shown interest in applying these solutions to other areas of the warehouses, including the entire complex. They are considering adding analytics such as plate reading for container analysis and tracking, streamlining traffic flow within the complex, locating cargo or counting trucks.


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