IPS Videomanager upgrades with ANPR

Munich, Germany

IPS Intelligent Video Analytics has released version 10.0 of its IPS Videomanager, IPS Analyticsmanager and IPS Videoanalytics. In particular the IPS video management system offers a number of new features plus improvements in usability, and now comprehensive license plate recognition can also be integrated.

For the first time, the video analytics specialist has introduced a video analytics function, which was not developed by IPS into the portfolio. In addition to the native connection of Hikvision cameras with ANPR, the generic connection of other systems via SOAP and Host TCP interfaces is also supported. Through this integration the IPS Videomanager provides extensive ANPR features. These include, for example, the creation of black and white lists, as well as the linking of lists with a weekly schedule. In addition, cameras can be individually assigned to different lists. This allows full flexibility, for example when controlling the access authorisation in car parks.

With innovative 3D technology, the IPS Videomanager has long provided unique features to support security personnel. Alarm objects are automatically tracked across the site by the system and handed over from camera to camera as needed. In the event of an alarm the security guard can concentrate fully on initiating necessary measures and rely on the fact that the alarm target is always kept in the picture. In the new version 10.0 the movement paths of targets, for example persons, cars or drones can now be displayed in the site plan using avatars by means of external GPS coordinates. Another special feature means that customer specific avatars are also possible.

Additionally, 360° cameras offer many benefits in practice, especially when monitoring indoor areas such as shops or reception halls. With just one camera, large areas can be controlled, reducing installation and operating costs. However, the images are affected by the typical fisheye effect. In order to carry out optimal evaluation of the camera images, the image recordings must be equalised. With the latest release, the IPS Videomanager supports this equalisation for various Axis 360 ° camera models in live and playback mode and offers the possibility to choose between four clear standard views, such as a panorama or quadruple.

IT security remains a critical factor in the deployment of IP-based video surveillance systems, and thus this year's IPS release includes new functionalities in this area. New features include restoring previous system configurations, rolling back from an update to the previous version, and protecting the installation files with a signature. Within the client the resources of the processor are spared by hardware acceleration of the video compression.  In addition, client usability has been improved by layout adjustments of the resource lists.

The IPS Outdoor Detection video analytics is now available for the IPS Analyticsmanager and can therefore be easily integrated into third-party systems, e. g. the video management system Milestone Xprotect. This analytics module is designed for high-security environments and provides reliable perimeter protection for prisons and other critical infrastructures.

Alain H. Benoit, Head of Product Marketing and Sales, explains: "By porting the IPS Outdoor Detection analytics to the IPS Analyticsmanager, we are responding to the great demand from our partners and are pleased to see potential applications of our analytics grow."


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