Hikvision launches a new Master and Slave Tracking System

Hoofddorp, the Netherlands

Hikvision has launched a new Master and Slave Tracking System for perimeter protection - it is a combination of a fixed thermal bullet camera and a Darkfighter speed dome in one single product (DS-2TXx636-xx(A/P)).

The combination of a thermal camera and a Darkfighter speed dome is designed to bring the best of both worlds. The thermal camera can pick up a person, for example, in very low visibility conditions like fog, and then the speed dome can track them. Without the thermal camera, a perpetrator may not be identified in low visibility, but without the speed dome element, that person could not be tracked.

Another benefit of having both cameras together, working as one is that the thermal camera continues to monitor the entire detection area while the speed dome is tracking. In this way, further incidents can also be detected.

The new system employs the leading image processing technology: Adaptive AGC, DDE, 3D DNR, NETD < 50mk (0.05°C/32.09°F).  It reproduces 384 x 288 resolution with high sensitivity sensor, contrast adjustment, and 3D DNR (14 palettes of colour adjustable, image detail enhancement).  As for the speed dome, it supports 36x optical zoom with over 200m IR distance.

This solution is a great benefit to perimeter security in various scenarios, including critical infrastructure, industrial settings and airports. It is also a simple product for installers to work with, as there is just one installation point for two systems. Both cameras are supported by only one power cable and one network cable.

Marcel Wiechmann, Hikvision’s Channel Product Manager Thermal Products Europe, says: “We at Hikvision pride ourselves on our drive to push the boundaries of innovation. With this product, we combine two powerful cameras to make a stunning new product that will be a great addition to any perimeter security solution.”


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