Hikvision dual lens IP camera for people counting

Hangzhou, China

Hikvision has introduced a dual-lens IP camera for people counting. The innovative technology behind the IDS-2CD68 10F/C, developed in-house by Hikvision, allows for customised solutions in various commercial sectors.

The Hikvision IDS-2CD6810F/C is equipped with two lenses, making it even more accurate than its predecessor, which was already effectively mapped the number of visitors with only one lens. The dual lens enables the camera to create a three-dimensional image of each object. The innovation mainly lies in the camera’s capability to map the height of a person on the Z-axis, thus excluding any confusion with, for example, shadows or objects, such as baby carriages.

A 1/3" progressive Scan CMOS video sensor with fixed lens  (2mm or 2.8mm lens in option) is incorporated to capture images at a maximum resolution of 640 x 960 pixels. Shutter performance is specified at 1/25 sec to 1/10,000 sec. speed and it is reputed to reach an accuracy of more than 97%. The dual lens IP camera features 3D DNR (digital noise reduction), PoE and DC12V inputs. As it is equipped with a dual lens and dual CPU, it offers easy configuration and supports a stereo view even with though it has a small yet compact housing (L 20 x D 3.5 cm).

The camera features the ANR function (automatic network replenishment), which automatically stores data on the flash card of the camera in the event of a network failure, so that no information is lost. Once the network is operational again, the connected NVRs will retrieve the stored information from the camera. The camera is equipped with an internal storage capacity for over 400 days.

The smart software in the camera allows for effortless counting of everyone present; even the smallest distance between people's heads suffices for the camera to count them as separate persons. In addition, the Hikvision IDS-2CD68 10F/C has the capability to continue monitoring people who change walking direction, so that everyone present in a certain space is counted only once. This makes it the perfect solution for busy commercial spaces such as supermarkets, department stores, shopping centres, railway stations, museums and tourist attractions.

Tonko de Wit, Product Marketer Europe at Hikvision commented: “Besides excelling in ease of use, our new camera also makes downloading and interpreting stored data easier than ever before. Users can export the information to Excel and can display all information on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis, according to their needs. This provides them with a highly detailed overview of the number of people entering, leaving or passing by the premises over a certain period of time."


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