Hikvision boosts security & efficiency at luxury hotel

Hangzhou, China

The whole solution is managed by the hotel through Hikvision IVMS-5200E software.

The 2000 Hotel in Kigali, Rwanda is using Hikvision technology to make operations more secure and efficient on every floor of its luxury four-star accommodation.

The 2000 Hotel in Kigali, Rwanda, is known as the ‘highest hotel in Kigali’, and security of hotel guests has always been paramount, so soon after the hotel was built, the management team installed security cameras throughout. However over time, the system became outdated and ceased being effective in many situations. There were also new security issues following the opening of a new supermarket on the hotel’s second floor. “Unfortunately, we started to notice that goods were going missing in the supermarket, as well as in the warehouse,” explains Miao Zhang, the Managing Director, 2000 Hotel. “Sometimes we noticed cash was missing from the registers, too.”

The hotel also sought a more efficient way to manage its underground parking system. “The hotel was using a guard to let people in and out of the car park, and to calculate payments. But with more than 500 spaces to look after, this took time, often causing traffic jams as visitors waited to leave. Plus the parking fees were sometimes incorrect,” explains Jaden.

The Hikvision solution selected features 70 security cameras, a 60-channel intrusion alarm system for the supermarket, and an entrance/exit and payment system for the car park.

In the corridors of the hotel and in the supermarket, the team installed Hikvision dome network cameras (DS-2CD2145FWD-I). These discreet cameras offer high quality images, even in low light conditions. In the hotel lobby, the stairwells and in the supermarket, the team installed Hikvision bullet network cameras (DS-2CD2T45FWD-I5), with extended zoom and infra-red capabilities that are ideal for these larger spaces.

At the supermarket checkouts, the team installed Hikvision varifocal bullet network cameras (DS-2CD2645FWD-IZS), which feature a motorised vari-focal lens for close monitoring of this busy location. Meanwhile, Hikvision varifocal IR Darkfighter bullet cameras (DS-2CD5A26G0-IZS) were installed at the main entrance of the hotel and the supermarket. These feature a wide dynamic range, ensuring clear images even when the cameras are facing strong light.

A complete Hikvision intrusion alarm system was installed to protect the supermarket outside of opening hours. This system includes a Hikvision PIR sensor (DS-PD2-D15AME), which is installed near the window of the supermarket, and there is also a panic alarm station (DS-PEA1-21) in the control room at the supermarket. 

Finally, at the entrance and exit of the underground car park, the hotel installed the Hikvision ANPR video unit (DS-TCG227-A), along with barriers, a card station and an integrated payment system, also from Hikvision.

The whole solution is managed by the hotel through Hikvision IVMS-5200E software.

The solution offers live review, making it ideal to support the investigation of any security incidents, and, since the cameras were installed, there have been fewer incidents to deal with. The supermarket team are now better equipped to respond in the event of an out-of-hours breach. “If an intruder triggers the alarm, the duty manager gets an instant alert on their phone with quick access to relevant footage. This gives them real peace of mind,” says Jaden Huang, the project manager from Hikvision. “Indeed, it’s possible to view the status of the whole hotel system from a laptop or phone.”

Down in the car park, the Hikvision parking management solution is working effectively. “Parking has become faster and more automated. For example, barriers will open and close automatically when customers take or insert a card, and parking charges are automatically calculated. And there are no more jams on exit,” confirms Jaden.

The 2000 Hotel team are working on a new building in Kigali, with construction almost completed. The plan is to use Hikvision technology here, too. Miao says “Hikvision has provided the 2000 Hotel in Rwanda with world-class video technology that solved a host of our security and operational challenges. They also offer excellent support in one centralised location. We fully appreciate their professional service, and look forward to continuing our working relationship.”


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