Fermax rebrands biometric access

Valencia, Spain

Biokey becomes Inkey by Fermax

Fermax has a new name for its biometric access control fingerprint reader.

The new name of the Fermax biometric fingerprint access control is Inkey by Fermax. As of now, the previous commercial name of Biokey is Inkey by Fermax, which the company believes to be a better definition for their fingerprint reader. It refers to the key that we always carry with us. 

Inkey is the new generation biometric fingerprint control from Fermax, able to provide maximum reliablility, robutsness and adaptability. 

Inkey bases its reliability on capacitive fingerprint reading. It works on the basis of a biological fact: the electrical differences between fingerprint crests and valleys therefore it can´t be reproduced to be used with any other purpose.

Its capacity is for up to 4,500 users in 1 fingerprint mode or 2.,970 in 2 fingerprints per user mode. The double control feature includes a built in proximity reader for major security or for independent registration of users. It is a stand-alone system which allows to simple registration or removal of fingerprints and it can be integrated into any of Fermax door entry panels.


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