Fermax launches Photcaller image storage

Valencia, Spain

Fermax Photocaller automatically takes an image of callers

Fermax is launching Photcaller, a free image storage facility for Duox, the fully digital 2 wire system for the residential security market.

This new feature is integrated in the Veo and Veo-XS door entry monitors as standard and at the same price, not only representing excellent value but with the added benefit of taking an automatic photo with time and date, of anyone who rings the doorbell. Storing up to 150 images with associated date and time information, Photocaller is an innovative high-end solution that incorporates the benefits of image capture in the standard range of Fermax Duox monitors. As the world’s first fully digital 2 wire non-polarised technology, the Duox system offers a versatile range of benefits to the professional installer as well as the residential user.

For exampe, according to Fermax,  Duox installation can be up to 50% faster than other 2 wire systems; and the programming is so simple. It includes voice guided programming to simplify system set up. It also gives a wider range of options to residents in the same block- audio only handsets or more sophisticated audio-video monitors depending on budget and preferred style.

As it works on all types of cable, Duox enables quick and easy upgrades of old audio systems to advanced, modern audio-video installations without the cost and inconvenience of recabling residents apartments.

And now Fermax is able to bring Photocaller and the benefits of advanced digital technology to a wide range of residents and end users thanks to the innovative features of Duox. The Photocaller function can simply be deactivated or activated from the monitor OSD menu if it is not required either permanently or temporarily.

Photocaller could be a great way to enhance the security and convenience of the residential user. Normally available only in expensive, high-end systems, the Duox system with its advanced digital technology provides the benefits of automatic image capture and storage as standard in its range of Veo monitors without any added cost.


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