Extremely intelligent cameras for extreme conditions

Bosch MIC IP cameras

Nature is unpredictable. In minutes conditions can change from ideal to adverse. But what can be predicted accurately during extreme conditions is the quality of data captured by the rugged MIC IP moving cameras from Bosch

Practical information in practically any environment

Bosch MIC IP moving cameras are constructed from solid metal, capable of withstanding the toughest elements, 100% humidity (UL Type 6P and IP68), extreme vibrations (IEC60068) and high impacts (IK10).

Temperatures also affect cameras, but the MIC IP range functions perfectly at -40C to +65C. And for protection against corrosion, their superior metallurgy and finish pass the ASTM B117 salt spray test.

Crucial cameras for critical environments

Even the built-in Intelligent Video Analytics technology is tough. These intelligent cameras collect crucial metadata, and feature an alert function in specific critical situations for full situational awareness. They also differentiate between genuine security events and ‘false triggers’ such as challenging environments created by snow, wind and rain. The NEMA-TS2 rating makes Bosch MIC IP cameras ideal for traffic applications, in addition to large-scale areas such as airport perimeter fences and government buildings.

See surveillance imagery in a new light, with starlight

Bosch starlight technology provides clear images regardless of lighting conditions or object movement. With a 1080p resolution at 60fps, the cameras capture detailed, color images in light as low as 0.0077 lux. After dark, the MIC IP starlight 7000i can employ an optional illuminator to capture high quality images at up to 450m.

Real-time alerts, anytime

Effective security relies on a quick response, so any predefined alert, set through Intelligent Video Analytics, is triggered an operator is notified instantly. Even in poor light, with Bosch starlight. And when light levels drop to zero, the thermal imager featured on the MIC IP fusion 9000i ensures early detection for increased situational awareness.

Stay in step with your subject

Bosch MIC IP cameras can use video analytics whilst moving; if the camera is panning and detects a mobile object in a prohibited area, you will receive an alert, whilst the Intelligent Tracking feature can be automatically triggered to follow the object, adjusting the field of view to capture every detail.

MIC IP fusion 9000i – Capture events that can’t be seen

When objects become ‘invisible’ due to weather or a hazard, these cameras remain effective thanks to metadata fusion. The MIC IP fusion 9000i has two built-in imagers; optical and thermal. Should the optical imager become obscured by smoke, data will still be captured by the thermal imager. The fused metadata provides detailed information on objects that are barely discernable.

They’re also ideal for mission-critical applications like monitoring traffic flow, whilst also collecting metadata such as vehicle class, speed, direction of travel and, for urban conurbations requiring maximum situational awareness, an accurate vehicle count.

Bosch cameras can detect what the future holds

The IoT and digital connectivity will change our lives for the better. Bosch cameras are ready to join the vast infrastructure of lighting, sensors and smart devices that will create seamless, secure journeys through each day.

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