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Camberley, Surrey (UK)

Combining CNL's Ipsecuritycenter rules based processing power, with the ability to automatically detect and track programmed threats proposes unparalleled automation capabilities within the control room.

Not only does this enable greater efficiencies within security, automation offers greater resilience as these systems work day and night, rain or shine.

Quanergy’s Lidar sensor and Qortex perception software increase the efficiency of an organisations security capability significantly, which is enhanced through Ipsecuritycenter, by detecting, tracking and classifying threats in real-time, and controlling the Axis Communications PTZ camera to follow a unique subject throughout a designated area. This unique blend of hardware and software provides an integrated platform with CNL Software and Axis for an entirely new level of security automation and smart awareness.

The solution offers major advancements within critical infrastructure protection, corporate security, retail security, mass transportation systems, safe city programmes, policing, ports and a variety of other sectors within the global security industry.


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