Axis launches ruggedised vehicle cameras

Lund, Sweden

Axis ruggedised vehicle network camera

Axis P3905-RE ruggedised vehicle network camera

The latest Axis P3905-RE network camera is designed to be mounted on the exterior of a vehicle, increasing safety onboard and to simplify incident investigations. For example, the camera can be used for rearview surveillance alongside the vehicle outer surface, or down mounted over a door. It could also be used as a forward-facing camera.

According to the comapny, the Axis P3905-RE has already passed the demanding IP6K9K tests. It withstands tough conditions such as vibrations, shocks, bumps and temperature fluctuations as well as normal maintenance of a vehicle like washing

“Axis P39-R series is specially designed for onboard use in a variety of vehicles. It delivers high image quality in HDTV resolution, and edge storage for demanding customer requirements. The cameras also feature an active tamper alarm function for the detection of tampering attempts such as blocking or spray-painting. The Axis P3905-RE network camera is a natural extension in this series. It comes ready in a rugged outdoor housing and offers a cost-efficient and reliable installation. It is ideal for buses, trams, trucks and emergency vehicles” says Erik Frännlid, Director of Product Management, Axis Communications. “Axis’ corridor format that gives a vertical image format is naturally supported and is perfect for these kind of applications” he concludes.

The Axis P3905-RE comes with a 6 mm lens that provides a 55° horizontal field of view optimised for the typical use of survellaince alongside a vehicle. If a wider field of view is required, the housing also allows customer to change to a 3.6 mm lens offering an 87° horizontal field of view. The new outdoor housing is offered as a separate accessory to the Axis P3904-R and Axis P3905-R that comes with the 3.6 mm lens on delivery.

All Axis P39-R cameras are available with either a male RJ45 connector or a rugged M12 connector, plus the cameras provide a pixel counter for verifying that the pixel resolution of an object meets specific requirements.


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