Axis launches new small business line-up

Lund, Sweden

Axis Communications has released a focused offering to meet the unique security requirements of the small business sector. The offering combines a complete, integrated and highly reliable product solution - the Axis Companion Line - with comprehensive support to resellers and installers who call on small businesses, called the Axis Companion Specialist initiative.

The initiative makes adopting an advanced network video security system an easier, more cost-effective and low risk proposition for businesses such as shops, restaurants and offices that have a basic need for video surveillance to secure employees, customers, premises and assets.

“We have seen that smaller businesses are often hesitant to adopt network security solutions due to price and maintenance concerns, and perceived complexity of operation. We have responded with a competitive offering of cameras, storage, software and other key components that remove those barriers. It’s literally an out-of-the-box solution based on the same quality and reliability customers worldwide have come to trust from Axis,” said Gilles Ortega, Director Small Business at Axis. “And, a key aspect of delivering solutions to this sector is to ensure that qualified and trained resellers and installers are available to support these types of customers, which is the focus of the Axis Companion Specialist initiative.”

A key element in the Axis Companion Line is the Axis Companion Recorder, an 8-channel network video recorder with built in PoE switch for cost savings at installation. It is a production-proven device which includes a video surveillance grade hard disk and a fan-less design. It also includes a USB port for easy export of video footage and a wireless access point for direct access to the system with mobile devices.

The solution leverages the Axis Companion video management software, which simplifies installation and use via the Axis Companion mobile app for IOS or Android devices. This removes the need for a PC during the system setup or on-going use. The app allows users to securely access video footage and manage the cameras remotely from their smartphone or other mobile device.

“Simplicity and reliability are the underpinnings of this offering. We deliver enterprise-level quality in an easy-to-use solution so business owners can focus on running their operation, not whether their security system is working. The capabilities delivered in the Axis Companion Line bring peace of mind to small business owners,” added Ortega.

With simple setup and installation, and at a competitive price, Axis Companion Line presents a new business opportunity for resellers and installers that already deliver IT, security and electricity services to the small business sector. To support them, Axis will offer dedicated training, sales promotions, as well as marketing collateral through the Axis Companion Specialist initiative.


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